Monday, September 3, 2007


Since i so semangat sekolah now, might as well write a post on my school. XD never before.

One of my friend told me that day, that he went for this class in his home area, the teacher was comparing SBU with other schools that was from KL. The tutor said that, this school ( A ) gained world recognition, they had this they had that, they produce all successful people and all. Then the tutor came back to ' SBU', and he said, SBU dropped a lot since day one. thier dicipline are bad, thier this is shitty and that is shitty. Teachers are not working well enough to guide thier students in sbu and what crap what crap.

ok, this is what I say.

comparing schools when youre NOT even from that school itself, is the shiitiest thing to do. its like critisizing our home. dont you think its stupid and dumb, that people nowadays, only do what they dont like to other people, and then wish for other people not to do what they dont like to themselves. dont you think its stupid.

well, my friend, i dont care whether that tutor of yours is some kinda godly shit, or some kinda big shot shit, when i say i despise you, means i DESPISE YOU TILL THE ************** ENDS OF THE EARTH.

All those peeps who are reading this, NEVER compare schools. Just because some of them turn our to be some kinda drug addict, doesnt mean your own school produce prime ministers and big shot rich asses.

And i as i said, never to blame for one's mistake, but to think, what would YOU have done if you were in their shoes. You want people to be merciful to you, but you treat other people like a bunch of crap, so whats the use?

Ive been through ups and downs in SBU. ive meet someone i love, i know who are my real friends, i know which are 2 faced shits and loads more. To survive events that i never thought i could, to be in near death situations , to accidentally do things that i didnt mean it, to witness how friends could backstab you in just an instant.

SO to anyone who'se being a sarcastic shit, talking about this school and that school, i hope you burn in hell, and return as some mosquito's so that i could smack the shit out of your ass. WHO do YOU think you are to talk about one's school.


Anonymous said...

dear kid~
i suppose i am your senior~
i left SBU at 2003 after finished my SPM~
Agree with you! do not compare school~
is just the nonsense bring down the school~

Anonymous said...

Rock on agree with you btw im from sbu too

Anonymous said...


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